Divorce Financial Planning Professionals

ANEW Divorce Planning co-founders Dwayne Grady (CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CDFA™, MBA) and Caroline Girgis (JD, ChFC®, CDFA®) are passionate about advocating for their divorcing clients: to give them all the information they need to make good, informed decisions that help them get to their best possible financial outcome on both sides. Dwayne and Caroline have been working together in the financial services industry since 1996.

After seeing investment clients receive bad or no financial advice during their divorce, Dwayne and Caroline reasoned there must be a better way. By drawing on their years of experience helping clients work through complicated financial issues, they decided to apply the same tenets of comprehensive planning to help those divorcing achieve equitable solutions.

“There’s a lot of tax and long-term financial-planning considerations that should go into a divorce agreement,” says Caroline, who holds a law degree in addition to her financial designations. “If we can help clients get the separation or the divorce right from the beginning, it helps each of them succeed in the future.”

“The other type of scenario that we run into far too often is seeing someone who basically went through a divorce completely clueless: they got whatever they got and have no idea of how to create financial independence in the future,” adds Dwayne. “Something went terribly wrong in their divorce. They have no idea what they need to maintain their lifestyle and actually be able to retire one day.”

Understanding Your Financial Options Decreases Stress

According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, divorce produces more stress than any other life event except for the death of a spouse. During this challenging time, you’re expected to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life. “During divorce, many people really don’t know if they’re going to be okay,” says Dwayne. “You need to have good information to make good decisions.” The team at ANEW Divorce Planning will help you understand your current financial situation, listen carefully to your goals and values, and help you make the right decisions to achieve your key financial goals.

“We show our clients where they are today, then give them information about the short-term and the long-term impact of various decisions,” says Caroline. “Our clients go into their negotiations with their eyes open; they know what they need to be comfortable and secure post-divorce, so they know what to ask for.”

Whether they are working for one spouse (in a litigated divorce) or for both spouses (in mediation or collaboration), they analyze the financial impact of various settlement options for both sides. “Showing both sides of their financial future reassures both of them that they can afford the settlement and still reach their retirement goals.” Replacing anxiety with clarity usually reduces the amount of time required to reach an agreement – which in turn reduces the cost of the divorce.

The Impact of Child Support and Spousal Support

Whether you will be the payor or recipient, Dwayne and Caroline will analyze the financial impact of both child support and spousal support. They go beyond looking at the standard formula for child support. Before making any recommendations, they spend time getting to know their clients – to understand their goals, values, and what they’re really trying to accomplish. “Then, we help them create a plan that accomplishes the key goals for both sides – whether it’s for their kids or for themselves,” says Caroline. ANEW Divorce will explain the tax as well as the financial implications of paying or receiving support so you will understand how much will be disposable income and how much will go to the IRS. They will also look at your financial situation after support payments end, helping you to figure out strategies to reduce your expenses, replace the lost income, or both.

“After we understand what our clients really want to accomplish, we look for solutions that make sense for everybody,” says Caroline. “Sometimes, this means we have to give clients a ‘reality check’ because they could never afford their lifestyle – not while they were married and certainly not after divorce.” They help their clients figure out what’s truly important to them, and work out compromises that are both workable and acceptable to both parties.

Focused on the Best Possible Financial Outcome

The ANEW Divorce Planning team is committed to advocating for the best possible financial outcome for their divorcing clients. Caroline and Dwayne do this by listening to their clients’ hopes and fears, educating them – and their clients’ attorneys or mediators – about the short- and long-term financial ramifications of different settlement proposals, and helping them to make informed decisions that will result in a secure financial future. They prefer to work with clients at the beginning of the process – since this gives them the most freedom to create outside-the-box solutions – but they are able to work with clients at any stage of the divorce process. Investing the time to obtain financial clarity can pay big dividends – reducing the time, money and emotional cost of your divorce, and reassuring you that you’re making sound financial decisions every step of the way.

ANEW Divorce Planning can help you get a fresh start – without spending years and all your family’s money to do so. Your equitable divorce solution starts here.

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