Do We Like Working with People Going Through Divorce?

October 25th, 2016 Posted by  Dwayne and Caroline

Do We Like Working with People Going Through Divorce by Dwayne Grady & Caroline Girgis

{3:36 minutes to read} The other day someone asked us if we liked working in the area of divorce. Actually, the question went something like this: “Do you like working with people going through divorce?” Followed by the statement, “I wouldn’t be able to always be around that misery.” Hmmm.

It got us thinking about the emotions and the human element that surround the dissolution of a marriage. A family law judge once said to us, “The difference between criminal court and divorce court is in criminal court you have bad people on their best behavior; in divorce court you have good people displaying their very worst behavior.

Okay, maybe. But one thing is for certain. Divorce is a crappy thing to have to deal with. It’s painful for the divorcing couple, the kids, friends, in-laws, siblings, coworkers—everyone.

We’ve seen rational, intelligent, funny, loving, professional people turn into crazy, paranoid, irrational basket cases. Straight cuckoo crazy. Seriously. Oh, and it’s expensive. It’s really expensive, like buying a new, fancy, European car expensive.

But you know what? Just like we’ve seen people lose it during divorce, we’ve also seen those same people emerge as a stronger, more resilient, confident and happy person than they ever imagined they could be.

We’ve helped people in every stage of the process:

Before the Divorce…

We’ve sat down with women and men who came into our office confused about what to do and where to start. We’ve helped them understand the difference between mediation, collaboration, and litigation. Then, based on their interests and need, referred them to professionals in that area.

We’ve helped them understand the differences between temporary support and permanent support.

We’ve explained the tax impact of alimony and what they need to know about how child support works.

We’ve created schedules and graphs to illustrate what being single again means financially and the impact of potential settlement options.

During the Divorce…

As an expert witness, we have testified in court as to the validity of the analysis provided to our client.

We have pointed out areas to speak to their lawyer about or discuss with their mediator.

We have discussed the impact of choosing this investment asset over another.

Finally, as several settlement options slowly become one, we have helped people, through analysis, plan for their future.

After the Divorce…

Once the dust has settled, we have helped people change beneficiaries, followed up on Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO), helped them clean up their debt and budget for the future.

But most important is the knowledge that we have been there with them through it all as advocates or neutrals with only their best interests at heart.

So, I guess the answer is, yes. We really do like working with people going through a divorce. As challenging as it can be, it is equally rewarding.


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